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    Looking for General Download Info?

    Download News

    GNU-Darwin OS has arrived:

      GNU-Darwin has more than accomplished all of the goals that were set at the founding. Many thanks to the many free software developers who assisted to make this a great distro. Many cheers to Apple users.

        pkg_add -rf mozilla openoffice


      GNU-Darwin html2rss has been added to the base distribution, /usr/local/html2rss. Look, if you dare! A package is available, but sorry no docs yet. Got C?

    GNU/Linux update:


      It's official. OpenOffice-x11 developer's release is now available for GNU-Darwin-ppc and Mac OS X. Please note that this is pre-alpha software, marked for developers. Package now available (pkg_add -rf openoffice). Just type "ooffice".

    Bnetd: A game server for StarCraft

      Bnetd is a program that will eventually emulate a Blizzard Entertainment's server.

    GNU-Darwin Beta2 pre-release

      Many of the tools from our upcoming Beta2 release are already available for ppc and x86.


      Package now availalble for Mac OS X v10.1, and GNU-Darwin-ppc beta users. Take your pick from several sources according to your preference and experience. This software is expected to be compatible with the GNU-Darwin offerings.

    Dillo pre-release


      GNU-Darwin QuakeForge-0.3.0 includes everything that is required for single-user mode, network play, or server operation. Quake2 soon.

    Quit the Microsoft habit!

    Experimental GNOME packages

    One-step install: GNU-Darwin goes beta!

      Mac OSX.1 users can now install the GNU-Darwin basefiles with one command (as root).

      curl | csh

      Update: More packages

      Darwin-only users should consult the Network installation instructions, or try the Bootable installer CD which now installs Darwin-1.4.1. It is recommended for installation of the Darwin Unix base, but it also includes the GNU-Darwin beta packages.

      The GNU-Darwin beta base system provides the following world-class enhancements and free software and more!

        One step installation:
        Over 100 essential packages including:
        Xdarwin window server with wrapper
        Abiword word processor
        OpenSSH-2.9.9 up-to-date security
        Enhanced Dillo web browser
        GNOME desktop environment
        PyMOL molecular graphics system
        WordView for conversion of MSWord documents
        Xpdf PDF file viewer
        Xemacs text editor
        Gnumeric spreadsheet
        Quakeforge game

        Package manager update:
        Easy net installation access to nearly 2000 packages
        Up-to-date, now tracking FreeBSD-current
        Nearly complete FreeBSD-style functionality including:

          net-enabled pkg_add

        Window managers:

      The GNU-Darwin base installation supports carbon-candy new-world Macs. OSX.1 or Darwin 1.4.1 is required to use the new package manager.

      GNU-Darwin beta coverage:

    GNOME Gnumeric spreadsheets

    Darwin-1.4.1 and packages for Mac OSX.1!

    WGET first-aid

      It is no exaggeration to say that GNU-Darwin was built with GNU wget, but this elegant software tool was left out of OSX.1 and Darwin 1.4.1. Does anyone remember Movieplayer, or how Internet Explorer munged their first package downloads? By contrast, it is no oversight to rely on GNU software, to which every person is entitled. You are free to restore this excellent functionality to your computer. (It is your computer, right?) Just follow these steps.

      # su root
      # curl \ \
      -o wget
      # chmod 755 wget
      # mv wget /usr/bin
      # rehash

      We also have a wget package, which installs in /usr/local/bin, just in case some bad person decides to delete your favorite internet software in /usr/bin ;-}.

      # wget \
      # pkg_add -f wget-1.6_2.tgz
      # rm /usr/bin/curl ; ln -s /usr/bin/wget /usr/bin/curl

      That last step is optional, of course! Be sure to read the package installation instructions, if you have any more questions about this.

    AbiWord Super Fonts!

      Only GNU-Darwin AbiWord has 200 excellent royalty-free fonts from the ports. This release includes hebrew fonts and bidirectional support for carefree native language editing. GNU-Darwin AbiWord is simply the best word processor available for the Apple platform. GNU-Darwin AbiWord developer, Francis James Franklin, has also been hard at work on this great word processor. Be sure to check out his latest work too. Get the latest AbiWord release now. Read the package installation instructions here. Finally, a reminder that all of our packages are Mac OSX compatible. Read the MacSlash thread.

    SSH security update

    Ports for GNU/Linux $HOME

      It is perhaps a little known fact that a large percentage of our users are also regular users of various other Unix operating systems, such as GNU/Linux. In many cases, such users do not have administrative access to the machines that they are using, so we are now offering a special ports tarball for GNU/Linux users to address their need. This version of the GNU-Darwin porting engine does not require root access. Using this software, GNU/Linux users will be able to run the porting engine in their home directories, so that they can use the same great free software that GNU-Darwin offers to Mac OSX users. This special edition of the porting engine is not fully automated yet, but if you are a GNU/Linux user, you can untar it in your home directory and try it. This offering represents a milestone in our continuing efforts to bring freedom to users everywhere.

      Linux Today has kindly published directions for using the new ports system for GNU/Linux, and we also have the same directions in our announcement. Slashdot is running a thread covering this development, and we will be taking community suggestions to develop a list of tips for using the GNU/Linux $HOME tarball.

    Word Processing: GNU-Darwin AbiWord Update!

      The world-class word processing package, X11 AbiWord, is now available for Darwin and OSX. Many thanks to free software developer, Francis James Franklin, and the AbiSource team for this fine effort. Frank is also our newest GNU-Darwin developer, and he has an AbiWord installer on his website, or you can try the GNU-Darwin AbiWord-0.9.3 package* (also in CVS). AbiWord is a feature-rich application with XML, perl scripting, on-the-fly spell-checking, export to web, bidirectional support for languages like Arabic and Hebrew, unlimited undo and many others. Mac Slash is running a thread on this story.

      In addition, we have provided up-to-date utilities for converting your files from proprietary formats, such as MS Word, and WMF, to free software formats such as PDF, EPS, and PNG. Together with AbiWord and LaTeX, these utilities provide a powerfully advanced authoring and desktop publishing environment (see Make PDF files below).

        wv-0.6.7.tgz can convert Word 6-9 formats (Word 6, 95, 97, 2000) to html, LateX, DVI, PDF, Text, AbiWord, and Wml.

        libwmf-0.2.1.tgz can extract WMF files as PNG, EPS, SVG, ImageMagick, and Xdarwin pixmaps.

        libiconv-1.7.tgz provides robust Unicode character conversion for the above toolset.

      Tip: AbiWord can launch Dillo for the help facility. Just make the following link.

        ln -s /usr/local/bin/dillo /usr/X11R6/bin/mozilla

      * Be sure to read the package installation instructions.

    More Packages!

    Dillo Rocks! GNU-Darwin Dillo UPDATE!

    Make PDF files!

      Several utilities provide a fast way to create PDF files and more from the command line, with precision control over layout. Be sure to consult the package installation instructions.

      Run "texconfig conf" first to set up your environment, then try this example.

      html2latex example.html
      pdflatex example.tex
      xpdf example.pdf

      PDF is the native graphical format for OSX, so the resulting PDF files are viewable with the, and they should display beautifully. TeX is a typesetting utility that gives you total layout control for graphics and text, with cross-platform reproducibility. For text to html conversion, try text2html. There is plenty of documentation for these wonderful typesetting programs in /usr/local/share/texmf/doc. Incidentally, Ghostscript6.5 for postscript files, and GV-3.5.8, for postscript viewing, are also now available from GNU-Dawrin.

    Palm Pilot packages!

      If you have a Palm Pilot, give these applications a try. They just might work!

    International packages now available

    Python bindings for Math, Biology, Graphics, Tk development, and more!

    Ports tree status

    The GIMP 1.2.1!

      The latest release of the GNU image manipulation program, fully working with Script-fu and all plugins thanks to sordid, though no python/perl scripting support. Use gimp --no-shm --no-xshm to run. Get it from GNU-Darwin.

    Xfce for GNU-Darwin!

      If you are familiar with CDE, you will like this elegant window manager, ported by our newest developer, sordid. Sordid also has more projects in the pipeline, as it were ;-}.

    Xscreensaver with GL!

      Impress your Mac friends with this fine screensaver. BTW, this is one of our first binary releases in tgz package format. Expect us to go to Beta soon. Source code in CVS.

    More Releases for GNU-Darwin!

      AfterStep ASFiles aterm offix infobot DND. Meanwhile, our game tester, my son, is evaluating some games, and we will have more releases soon!


      Get it and build KDE.


      Fully patched, with PNG compatibility.


      Now working for many applications. Thanks to Christoph Pfisterer for his work on the dl compatibility library. GNOMEcore appears to still be broken. Join the project and fix it.

    Enlightenment, the premier window manager!


      the first contribution of our newest developer kyozz. FreeCiv is a popular civilization building emulation game. With its client/server capabilities, and its positive thrust, FreeCiv is the perfect addition to The GNU-Darwin Distribution. kyozz tells me that he has more ports in the pipeline too! Get FreeCiv from our SourceForge Repository.


      A full-featured mail client with multiple accounts, on-the-fly spell checking, IMAP, POP3, mh, dynamic, DBASE, a powerful built in database, and much more. Here is a screenshot. Get the source code and make it auto-launch Dillo for html attachments. Postilion requires tcl, tk, and ispell for the spell checking, all available from GNU-Darwin. While you are at it, get our new ispell enabled Everybuddy client.


      A fine, multipurpose text editor with capabilities to satisfy the casual user and the developer as well. Get GXedit from our SourceForge Repository. GO SourceForge! and many thanks to rrp!

    Universal Amiga Emulator

      It just might work. You will need a kickstart ROM image to try it. Please let us know, how you like it. Find it in the file section.


      Read and write HFS formatted disks and disk images. Format disks as HFS.

    Napster Now!


      A very nice planet rendering package, and a good Mesa library demo running on GNU-Darwin. It's fully GL enabled, and won't compile with Apple's native OpenGL. Look at some art made with Xplanet in the 3D-rendering section.

    More releases for GNU-Darwin!

      Guile, itcl, readline, texinfo, zip! in our FTP section.

    LibMesa3.4 with glut!

      Darwin is now fully GL enabled!


      This is simply the best file transfer client anywhere. Get the GNU-Darwin build from the file section, or from anonymous CVS.

    GIMP screenshot

      Also, see art made with GNU-Darwin on our 3D-rendering page.