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PPC Instructions:

Burning the CD: You should be able to burn an image in OS X with Disk Copy, OS 9 with Toast, *nix with cdrecord, and Windows with Nero

Preparation: Use a program like Disk Utility, pdisk, or anything else that displays partition information to find out what number the partition you want to install on is (hint: if you only have 1 partition, it will be the highest number). The installer currently only works with HFS+ partitions

Starting the installer: Reboot, and hold down the "c" key to boot off of the cd. If the CD does not boot up that way, then either the image is bad, or your computer is unsupported.

Installing: Once the CD has booted up you can drop off into a shell to do repair work, format/partition your disk, or perform the following type of installs...

  • Base Install (like installing from Apple's Darwin CD)
  • Full Install (Darwin, plus all the GNU-Darwin packages)
  • Over an existing install (works on a pre-existing Darwin or Mac OS X install)