Chapter 2. Installation

An ANSI C compiler is required to compile the Zebra server system — gcc works fine if your own system doesn't provide an adequate compiler.

Unpack the distribution archive. The configure shell script attempts to guess correct values for various system-dependent variables used during compilation. It uses those values to create a 'Makefile' in each directory of Zebra.

To run the configure script type:


The configure script attempts to use C compiler specified by the CC environment variable. If not set, cc or GNU C will be used. The CFLAGS environment variable holds options to be passed to the C compiler. If you're using a Bourne-shell compatible shell you may pass something like this:

  CC=/opt/ccs/bin/cc CFLAGS=-O ./configure
The configure script takes a number of arguments, you can see them all with

  ./configure --help

When configured, build the software by typing:


If successful, two executables are created in the sub-directory index.


The Z39.50 server and search engine.


The administrative indexing tool.

You can now use Zebra. If you wish to install it system-wide, then as root type

    make install
By default this will install the Zebra executables in /usr/local/bin, and the standard configuration files in /usr/local/share/zebra You can override this with the --prefix option to configure.