>About Index Data and the Zebra Server

Appendix B. About Index Data and the Zebra Server

Index Data is a consulting and software-development enterprise that specializes in library and information management systems. Our interests and expertise span a broad range of related fields, and one of our primary, long-term objectives is the development of a powerful information management system with open network interfaces and hyper-media capabilities.

We make this software available free of charge, on a fairly unrestrictive license; as a service to the networking community, and to further the development of quality software for open network communication.

We'll be happy to answer questions about the software, and about ourselves in general.

   Index Data Aps
   K°bmagergade 43
   1150 Copenhagen K
   Phone +45 3341 0100
   Fax +45 3341 0101


The Random House College Dictionary, 1975 edition offers this definition of the word "Zebra":

[ Zebra, n., any of several horselike, African mammals of the genus Equus, having a characteristic pattern of black or dark-brown stripes on a whitish background. ]