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This is an overview of some of Zebra's most important features:

Z39.50 protocol support:

  • Protocol facilities: Init, Search, Present (retrieval), Segmentation (support for very large records), Delete, Scan (index browsing), Sort, Close and support for the ``update'' Extended Service to add or replace an existing XML record.

  • Piggy-backed presents are honored in the search request - that is, a subset of the found records can be returned directly with a search response, enabling search and retrieval to happen in a single round-trip.

  • Named result sets are supported.

  • Easily configured to support different application profiles, with tables for attribute sets, tag sets, and abstract syntaxes. Additional tables control facilities such as element mappings to different schema (eg., GILS-to-USMARC).

  • Complex composition specifications using Espec-1 (partial support). Element sets are defined using the Espec-1 capability, and are specified in configuration files as simple element requests (and, optionally, variant requests).

  • Multiple record syntaxes for data retrieval: GRS-1, SUTRS, XML, ISO2709 (MARC), etc. Records can be mapped between record syntaxes and schemas on the fly.