This document is pretty scrappy, and will likely remain so for some time. You're best bet is to use the documentation in the source files themselves.

Hacking Wily

Main data structures


The text buffer data structure. All file and text manipulation happens through a text buffer. Every text buffer has a pointer to a list of Views which look after the screen. Texts belonging to a window have a pointer to the corresponding Data, with t->isbody indicating whether the text is for the tag or body.

The text also maintains a small cache used in searching through the buffer.

Files which #include "text.h":

This (discounting text.h) is the only file that knows how a text buffer is organised in memory (a simple buffer gap, but keep that to yourself :-). It contains the basic routines to read and write a text buffer to/from memory or a file.
Responsible for maintaining the undo log.
sam.h, sambuf.c
Wrappers to make a Text behave like a Sam file, so we can use the Sam regexp code. They provide a small buffer and some macros for quickly traversing the Runes of the buffer.
Code to expand double-clicks etc. Uses the interface provided by sambuf.c
Various routines to search through a Text
Mostly convenience wrappers around the functionality of text.c, plus routines for formatting directories.




Main needs

Flicker-free scrolling, Tile heuristics, Sam commands