Berkeley DB Reference Guide:
Upgrading Berkeley DB Applications


Release 4.0: application-specific recovery

If you have created your own logging and recovery routines, you may need to upgrade them to the Berkeley DB 4.0 release.

First, you should regenerate your logging, print, read and the other automatically generated routines, using the dist/gen_rec.awk tool included in the Berkeley DB distribution.

Next, compare the template file code generated by the gen_rec.awk tool against the code generated by the last release in which you built a template file. Any changes in the templates should be incorporated into the recovery routines you have written.

Third, if your recovery functions refer to DB_TXN_FORWARD_ROLL (that is, your code checks for that particular operation code), you should replace it with DB_REDO(op) which compares the operation code to both DB_TXN_FORWARD_ROLL and DB_TXN_APPLY. (DB_TXN_APPLY is a potential value for the operation code as of the 4.0 release.)

Finally, if you have created your own logging and recovery routines, we recommend that you contact Sleepycat support and ask us to review those routines for you.


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