11.9 poplib -- POP3 protocol client


This module defines a class, POP3, which encapsulates a connection to an POP3 server and implements the protocol as defined in RFC 1725. The POP3 class supports both the minimal and optional command sets.

Note that POP3, though widely supported, is obsolescent. The implementation quality of POP3 servers varies widely, and too many are quite poor. If your mailserver supports IMAP, you would be better off using the imaplib.IMAP4 class, as IMAP servers tend to be better implemented.

A single class is provided by the poplib module:

class POP3(host[, port])
This class implements the actual POP3 protocol. The connection is created when the instance is initialized. If port is omitted, the standard POP3 port (110) is used.

One exception is defined as an attribute of the poplib module:

exception error_proto
Exception raised on any errors. The reason for the exception is passed to the constructor as a string.

See Also:

Module imaplib:
The standard Python IMAP module. esr/fetchail/fetchmail-FAQ.html
The FAQ for the fetchmail POP/IMAP client collects information on POP3 server variations and RFC noncompliance that may be useful if you need to write an application based on poplib.

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