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Portability portable
Stability experimental
Pretty printing
Pretty-printing modes
Pretty printer for Haskell.
class Pretty a
prettyPrintWithMode :: (Pretty a) => PPHsMode -> a -> String
prettyPrint :: (Pretty a) => a -> String
data PPHsMode = PPHsMode {
classIndent :: Indent
doIndent :: Indent
caseIndent :: Indent
letIndent :: Indent
whereIndent :: Indent
onsideIndent :: Indent
spacing :: Bool
layout :: PPLayout
linePragmas :: Bool
comments :: Bool
data PPLayout
= PPOffsideRule
| PPSemiColon
| PPInLine
| PPNoLayout
defaultMode :: PPHsMode
Pretty printing
class Pretty a
Things that can be pretty-printed, including all the syntactic objects in Language.Haskell.Syntax.
Pretty HsModule
Pretty Module
Pretty HsExportSpec
Pretty HsImportDecl
Pretty HsImportSpec
Pretty HsDecl
Pretty HsAssoc
Pretty HsMatch
Pretty HsConDecl
Pretty HsBangType
Pretty HsQualType
Pretty HsType
Pretty HsRhs
Pretty HsGuardedRhs
Pretty HsLiteral
Pretty HsExp
Pretty HsPat
Pretty HsPatField
Pretty HsAlt
Pretty HsGuardedAlts
Pretty HsGuardedAlt
Pretty HsStmt
Pretty HsFieldUpdate
Pretty HsQOp
Pretty HsQName
Pretty HsOp
Pretty HsName
Pretty HsCName
prettyPrintWithMode :: (Pretty a) => PPHsMode -> a -> String
pretty-print with a given mode.
prettyPrint :: (Pretty a) => a -> String
pretty-print with defaultMode.
Pretty-printing modes
data PPHsMode
Pretty-printing parameters.
classIndent :: Indent indentation of a class or instance
doIndent :: Indent indentation of a do-expression
caseIndent :: Indent indentation of the body of a case expression
letIndent :: Indent indentation of the declarations in a let expression
whereIndent :: Indent indentation of the declarations in a where clause
onsideIndent :: Indent indentation added for continuation lines that would otherwise be offside
spacing :: Bool blank lines between statements?
layout :: PPLayout Pretty-printing style to use
linePragmas :: Bool add GHC-style LINE pragmas to output?
comments :: Bool not implemented yet
data PPLayout
Varieties of layout we can use.
PPOffsideRule classical layout
PPSemiColon classical layout made explicit
PPInLine inline decls, with newlines between them
PPNoLayout everything on a single line
defaultMode :: PPHsMode
The default mode: pretty-print using the offside rule and sensible defaults.
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