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Portability non-portable (GHC Extensions)
Stability internal
The sized integral datatypes, Int8, Int16, Int32, and Int64.
data Int8 = I8# Int#
data Int16 = I16# Int#
data Int32 = I32# Int#
data Int64 = I64# Int64#
data Int8
8-bit signed integer type
I8# Int#
IArray UArray Int8
(Ix ix) => Eq (UArray ix Int8)
(Ix ix) => Ord (UArray ix Int8)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (UArray ix Int8)
MArray (STUArray s) Int8 (ST s)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (DiffUArray ix Int8)
IArray (IOToDiffArray IOUArray) Int8
MArray IOUArray Int8 IO
Typeable Int8
CCallable Int8
CReturnable Int8
Show Int8
Num Int8
Real Int8
Enum Int8
Integral Int8
Bounded Int8
Ix Int8
Read Int8
Bits Int8
Storable Int8
data Int16
16-bit signed integer type
I16# Int#
IArray UArray Int16
(Ix ix) => Eq (UArray ix Int16)
(Ix ix) => Ord (UArray ix Int16)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (UArray ix Int16)
MArray (STUArray s) Int16 (ST s)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (DiffUArray ix Int16)
IArray (IOToDiffArray IOUArray) Int16
MArray IOUArray Int16 IO
Typeable Int16
CCallable Int16
CReturnable Int16
Show Int16
Num Int16
Real Int16
Enum Int16
Integral Int16
Bounded Int16
Ix Int16
Read Int16
Bits Int16
Storable Int16
data Int32
32-bit signed integer type
I32# Int#
IArray UArray Int32
(Ix ix) => Eq (UArray ix Int32)
(Ix ix) => Ord (UArray ix Int32)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (UArray ix Int32)
MArray (STUArray s) Int32 (ST s)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (DiffUArray ix Int32)
IArray (IOToDiffArray IOUArray) Int32
MArray IOUArray Int32 IO
Typeable Int32
Show Int32
Num Int32
Enum Int32
Integral Int32
Read Int32
Bits Int32
CCallable Int32
CReturnable Int32
Real Int32
Bounded Int32
Ix Int32
Storable Int32
data Int64
64-bit signed integer type
I64# Int64#
IArray UArray Int64
(Ix ix) => Eq (UArray ix Int64)
(Ix ix) => Ord (UArray ix Int64)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (UArray ix Int64)
MArray (STUArray s) Int64 (ST s)
(Ix ix, Show ix) => Show (DiffUArray ix Int64)
IArray (IOToDiffArray IOUArray) Int64
MArray IOUArray Int64 IO
Typeable Int64
Eq Int64
Ord Int64
Show Int64
Num Int64
Enum Int64
Integral Int64
Read Int64
Bits Int64
CCallable Int64
CReturnable Int64
Real Int64
Bounded Int64
Ix Int64
Storable Int64
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