Linker/Debugger Info

This section will describe how the linking occurs from a persistent stored representation of an Aqua module.

    In general, the module has to have linker information. This information, since it is already in SD form,  will basically be in a form that most other linkers would eventually have to build.

    The linker will have three sections. Labels, Unresolved, and Debugger info.

    The labels will mention

    The debugger info is special. When a program is linked at run time, the linker will place all debugger sections in a global pool. This is so the VM can find the debugger info when an exception occurs. It will need to be able to identify a source module, a line #, and an address. Since the access path for this information that will be needed is via address, it will be sorted in address order. Also, since this could be a lot of information it will rely on the SD format's ability to point to unique strings.


7/8/98 - First creation based on info from 6/7/98