DynamicHelp - Provide help to Tk widget or BWidget
DynamicHelp::configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
DynamicHelp::include class type
DynamicHelp::register path type ?arg...?
DynamicHelp::sethelp path subpath ?force?


Description text

DynamicHelp::configure ?option? ?value option value ...?
This command configure the ballon help.

Width of the black border around the balloon.
Define the delay in millisecond of mouse inactivity before displaying the balloon.

Other standard options are:
  -background or -bg   -font
  -foreground or -fg   -justify
DynamicHelp::include class type
Description text
DynamicHelp::register path type ?arg...?
Register a help text to the widget path. type determines the type of the help or the type of the widget. Depending on type, other options must be provided.
type options
balloon text
variable varName text
menu varName
menuentry index text

If one of the option is missing or is empty, help is removed for this widget.
For type other than balloon, varName is typically a variable linked to a label.
For menu, balloon type help is not available. To declare a help for menu, you first declare the menu, and then entries of this menu.
For example:

     # create menu
menu .m -type menubar
# associate menubar to toplevel BEFORE DynamicHelp::register
# to make it works with menu clone name
. configure -menu .m
.m add cascade -label "File" -menu .m.file
menu .m.file
.m.file add command -label "Open..."
.m.file add command -label "Quit"
# create label for help, using variable varinfo
label .l -textvariable varinfo
# associate all entries of menu .m.file to variable varinfo
DynamicHelp::register .m.file menu varinfo
# then declare entries of .m.file
DynamicHelp::register .m.file menuentry 0 "Detach menu"
DynamicHelp::register .m.file menuentry 1 "Open a file"
DynamicHelp::register .m.file menuentry 2 "Exit demo"

Notice that if popup menu is owned by a menubar, you must associate first the menubar to its toplevel. In this case, when you create a menu popup, its clone window is also created, and DynamicHelp::register detects the exitence of the clone window and maps events to it.
DynamicHelp::sethelp path subpath ?force?
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