sym_strip - bitmap generator for thin conductor  betwen  two
     infinite groundplanes (part of atlc)


     sym_strip  W H w bitmapfile


     This man page is not a complete set  of  documentation.  See
     the  html  files for more complete information. So far, I've
     not managed to install the html files  into  /usr/local,  so
     you  will  have  to  look into the atlc-X.Y.Z/docs/html-docs
     directory for them.


     sym_strip is a pre-processor for atlc, the finite difference
     programme  that  is  used  to  calculate the properties of a
     two-conductor  electrical  transmission  line  of  arbitrary
     cross section. The programme sym_strip is used as a fast way
     of generating bitmaps (there is no need to  use  a  graphics
     programme),  for  a 1 pixel thick conductor of width w, cen-
     trally located inside a pair of groundplanes of width W  and
     separation  H. This has an exact analytical answer, when the
     inner is infinitely thin and the width W is infinitely wide.
     This   theoretical  impedance  is  also  calculated  by  the
     sym_strip. It is therefore used as a test of atlc.

     -----------------------------------------------------  ^
     |                                                   |  |
     |                                                   |  |
     |              <----------w----------->             |  |
     |                                                   |  H
     |                                                   |  |
     |                                                   |  |
     -----------------------------------------------------  v

     The parameters 'W' and 'H' and the inner dimensions  of  the
     outer  conductor.  The outer dimensions of the inner conduc-
     tor are 'w' and 'c'. The inner conductor is assumed to  rest
     on  a dielectric (Er2) which is 'd' wide and outer conductor
     an the inner conductor is offset  'b'  from  the  left  hand
     sidewall  of  the  outer conductor. The whole region is sur-
     rounded by a dielectric of relative permittivity 'Er1'.  The
     dielectrics 'Er1' and then 'Er1' and 'Er2' will both be 1.0

     The bitmaps produced by sym_strip are 24-bit bit colour bit-
     maps,  as are required by atlc. Currenly sym_strip only pro-
     duces bitmaps with white (vacuum) dielectrics.


     There are no options for sym_strip.


     atlc(1),        rect_cen_in_rect(1),        circ_in_circ(1).
     rect_in_rect(1),  circ_in_rect(1).   rect_in_circ(1),  read-
     bin(1) and sym_strip(1).                - Home page       - Download area
     atlc-X.Y.Z/docs/html-docs/index.html       - HTML docs
     atlc-X.Y.Z/docs/qex-december-1996/atlc.pdf - theory paper
     atlc-X.Y.Z/examples                        - examples              - my home page          - ham radio pages

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