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0VERKILL - users documentation



  1. Index
  2. Running
    1. Server
    2. Client
    3. Client Under X
    4. Testing Program
  3. Game controls
    1. Key Overview
    2. Motion
    3. Chat
    4. Weapons and Shooting
    5. Other Commands


Running server

First thing to start 0verkill is run the server - type server. Server takes options -p and -n. As usual, option -h prints help.

Option -p takes one argument: port number. Server needs UDP port which runs game on. Default port number is 6666, this port is used when you don't specify the -p option.

Option -n tells the server to ignore terminate requests from clients. By deafult it can be terminated by clients (simple pressing F12 on a client). If you run e.g. a public gaming server and you don't want clients to terminate the server, give the -n option to the server. Then only person sitting on the server will be able to terminate it.

To stop server, press CTRL-C or send abort SIGINT signal to the server using kill. All signals are properly handled, so server shuts down all clients before he ends.

Server prints messages tou output during the game. More important are printed to stderr, the less important to stdout. So if you wanna log them you can simply the important or both redirect to a file.

Running Client

After running server you can run unlimited number of clients to connect the game. To run client simply type 0verkill. Client automatically determines size of your screen, if you want to set screen dimension manually give the client option -s with argument <horizontal size>x<vertical size> (both in characters). For example: 0verkill -s 132x43

When you run the client, menu screen appears. In the menu you can set server address, port, your name and your color.

Change color with arrows or PLUS and MINUS (either normal or numeric).

To select port, address and name, press appropriate highlighted letter. After pressing it dialog line appears at the bottom of the screen. Use letters and BACKSPACE to edit, ENTER to confirm and ESCAPE to cancel.

All values will be stored for next time in your home directory in file ".0verkill"

When you set all necessary, press ENTER to join the game.

Client Under X

If you want to run 0verkill under X window system type x0verkill. It has two more options against 0verkill. First you can set display typing option --display or briefly -d. Using the second option --font or -f you can set font used for displaying.

Testing Program

There's test_server program in the distribution. It avoids testing remote server if it's up and how many players there is. To use it simply type test_server -a <server address> -p <port number >.


Key Overview

SHIFT  run
CAPSLOCK, A  autorun
UP  jump
DOWN  creep
C  toggle creep
D  climb down ladders
CTRL, Z  fire
1, 2, 3, 4, 5  change weapon
ENTER  chat
SPACE  respawn dead player
R  redraw screen
H  toggle help window
TAB  toggle list of top players
F10, Q  exit
F12  abort


As usual LEFT and RIGHT arrows move the hero.

To jump press UP arrow. If you wanna jump aside press direction and jump key together. During jump or fall you can control horizontal motion of the hero.

To speed up horizontal motion hold SHIFT. You can also toggle autorun pressing CAPSLOCK or A key.

Hero can also creep. To creep press direction and DOWN key together. Releasing DOWN key hero stands up. You can also use the C key to toggle creeping. During creeping hero can't shoot, jump and walk up stairs.

When you press the D key hero can climb down ladders and fall down platforms.


To enter chat press ENTER. At the bottom of the screen appears line with ">" at beginning. Now you can type text. To send it press ENTER again. To cancel press ESCAPE.

During chat all non alphanumeric keys control the game.

Weapons and Shooting

There are five different weapons in the game:

  1. Browning
  2. Shotgun
  3. UZI
  4. Sniper rifle
  5. Grenades
Pressing key with same number as weapon you select the weapon.

At the beginning you have only Browning. To use other weapons you must collect it first. When you find a gun it has some small basic ammunition. If you have already the gun, basic ammo adds to your ammo. To eke the ammo you must find it too. Ammo is usually some box with some writing on itself.

After taking a weapon or after running out of ammo best weapon is selected automatically. Automatic weapon selecting selects weapons in this order:

  • UZI
  • Rifle
  • Shotgun
  • Browning
  • Grenades
Order is from most prefered to the least prefered. If you wanna another order you must use maunal selecting.

To shoot press CONTROL or Z.

Hint:You can throw grenades upward. Take grenades, press fire and then jump. Hero locks grenade off and throws it upward. Thereby you can play basketball with grenades :-)

When somebody kills you or you commit a suicide press SPACE to enter the game again.

Other Commands

To redraw screen press the R key. It's useful especially when you're playing and somebody talks you :-)

H key toggles help window. TAB toggles top players list.

To leave the game press F10 or Q key.

If you want to abort the game absolutely, press F12 key. This shuts down the server and all clients.

Attention: in both cases you won't be asked for confirmation. So think better of it before you press the keys.